Happy Valentines Day 2018 Everybody!


It sure has been cold of late but this hasn't stopped the fun of being back at work as a Wedding Photographer here in Cork. Rain or snow - Lets be having it!!

I had my first gig of the year in Fota House and it was great to be back in action again after a lovely holiday in New Zealand over the Summer/Christmas (hahaha sorry to rub it in my fellow Irish family).

This year is massive for me and I am really looking forward to meeting and working with lots of wonderful brides and grooms this year around Ireland. It is my biggest year to date by far so BRING IT ON!!

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Chat soon Sean :)   

The Winter Wedding Essentials List

Now that the clocks have gone back Winter seems to have instantly kicked in. As a Cork Wedding Photographer I reckon getting married any time of year is awesome but check out my top tips for Winter/Christmas Weddings. It is one of the most exciting times of year for a Wedding as everyone is in the festive mood and the lights are glowing!

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  • Location Location Location

Let’s face it the Irish weather can be cruel in the Winter months. Be mindful when picking your venues for the ceremony and  reception. Are the access roads prone to black ice? Flooding etc  during the winter months?

  • Time

Ideally it’s a good move to have a slightly earlier start time in the Winter months. This will allow more time to take advantage of the fantastic winter lighting for your photographs and extend time with your guests before dinner too.

  • Theme

One of my favourite time of years to photographer weddings has to November/December . You can go wild with the decor and place settings. Winter berries, foliage and deep colours compliment this time of year. There is also some very dramatic lighting out there that can really set your photos off!  

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  • Budget

Some venues offer "off peak" favourable pricing from November – January. Same venue, same service just with a smaller price tag.

  • Munch

Due to the time of year, some of my couples over the years have put some interesting twists on their wedding menus. There is nothing like a hearty meal to warm up your guests and don’t forget the mulled wine!

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  • Attire

Bridal capes are a winner! Wraps and hand muffs not only keep you warm but look great in your photographs too! Good luck!

The Essential Wedding Day Photo Check List

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares The Essential Wedding Day Photo Check list

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and picked up some great tricks along the way. Wedding Photography is a very important part of the day but equally so are your guests. These tips can speed up your photography session and ensure you get back to your family and friends as early as possible yet still get all those fantastic wedding photos of your big day!

·         Flat shoes, Yes your wedding shoes are amazing but are they comfortable? Give your feet a break, not only will you be able to walk faster in between shots, you may also be able to  achieve more adventurous images. I’m not suggesting you will be climbing trees but honestly flat shoes do open more possibilities location wise

·         Umbrellas. It won’t rain on your wedding day I promise!! :) .....But just in case, a umbrella can save not only the day but your hair and make up also.


·         Make Up. I always recommend a bride look like herself on her wedding day. Once you have your make up trial take a quick snap and make sure you are happy with your look. I have worked with many fantastic makeup artists and am always happy to make a recommendation.

·         Posing. Let’s face it, it can be unnerving the thought of a few hundred photos - all of you. Don’t sweat it, relax and listen to your photographers direction. We direct people every day to look their best in shots.

·          Don’t forget to smile!  You just married the love of your life, you are about to party into the early hours of the morning with your friends and family and you look great - Cheeeese!!


How big should my Wedding Party be??

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke's tips on The Wedding Party!

How many groomsmen and bridesmaids do you actually need ? The answer is as many as you want! But is more always merrier?

·         Larger groups mean larger budget needed - more dresses , suits and hair-do’s  

·         Extra transport may also be required – gone are the days of utilizing the car boot!

·         Having said all that, your wedding should be all about fun and what’s more fun than hanging around with all your besties all day?

·         It’s a huge honour to be asked to be part of someone’s wedding party – warm fuzzies all round, spread the love!

·         Even numbers - Just because you have 3 groomsmen doesn't mean you need the exact equal number of bridesmaids - it’s your wedding, do it your way

·         My main advice is whether it is ten people or two people, pick the ones that support you and make you laugh, that’s how you have the best day and the best photos!

4 Wedding Speech Essential Tips!!

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares 4 easy tips to get you through the Wedding Speech.

Hello Brides and Grooms. We are gathered here today to….read my blog! Only messing! The wedding speeches can the most dreaded part of the day for both the guests and the couple but does it have to be?

As a wedding photographer it is one of my favourite parts of the day. The facial expressions vary widely and result in some of the most personable photographs from the day.  The thought of great photos isn’t going to calm the nervous but perhaps there are some tips that can help


I’ve photographed a few weddings lately were the speeches have taken place amidst the wedding guests, for example the steps of the venue with the family and friends gathered around or in the grounds of the venue. Once you take away the top table / class room like set up it does seem to take the pressure off a nervous couple.

Practice and bullet points

Its definitely worth having a run through your speech. It’s not often you have a room of people giving you your full attention. Short bullet points will insure you don’t forget the best parts and the important thank yous.


Remember everyone in the room you have handpicked to share your special day. You’re not in an interview or auditioning for a part in an movie. You are speaking to your new wife or husband and your family and friends.


My favourite...A little Dutch Courage does help. Just remember to keep a steady hand! Good luck!! :)