The Winter Wedding Essentials List

Now that the clocks have gone back Winter seems to have instantly kicked in. As a Cork Wedding Photographer I reckon getting married any time of year is awesome but check out my top tips for Winter/Christmas Weddings. It is one of the most exciting times of year for a Wedding as everyone is in the festive mood and the lights are glowing!

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  • Location Location Location

Let’s face it the Irish weather can be cruel in the Winter months. Be mindful when picking your venues for the ceremony and  reception. Are the access roads prone to black ice? Flooding etc  during the winter months?

  • Time

Ideally it’s a good move to have a slightly earlier start time in the Winter months. This will allow more time to take advantage of the fantastic winter lighting for your photographs and extend time with your guests before dinner too.

  • Theme

One of my favourite time of years to photographer weddings has to November/December . You can go wild with the decor and place settings. Winter berries, foliage and deep colours compliment this time of year. There is also some very dramatic lighting out there that can really set your photos off!  

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  • Budget

Some venues offer "off peak" favourable pricing from November – January. Same venue, same service just with a smaller price tag.

  • Munch

Due to the time of year, some of my couples over the years have put some interesting twists on their wedding menus. There is nothing like a hearty meal to warm up your guests and don’t forget the mulled wine!

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  • Attire

Bridal capes are a winner! Wraps and hand muffs not only keep you warm but look great in your photographs too! Good luck!

The Essential Wedding Day Photo Check List

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares The Essential Wedding Day Photo Check list

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and picked up some great tricks along the way. Wedding Photography is a very important part of the day but equally so are your guests. These tips can speed up your photography session and ensure you get back to your family and friends as early as possible yet still get all those fantastic wedding photos of your big day!

·         Flat shoes, Yes your wedding shoes are amazing but are they comfortable? Give your feet a break, not only will you be able to walk faster in between shots, you may also be able to  achieve more adventurous images. I’m not suggesting you will be climbing trees but honestly flat shoes do open more possibilities location wise

·         Umbrellas. It won’t rain on your wedding day I promise!! :) .....But just in case, a umbrella can save not only the day but your hair and make up also.


·         Make Up. I always recommend a bride look like herself on her wedding day. Once you have your make up trial take a quick snap and make sure you are happy with your look. I have worked with many fantastic makeup artists and am always happy to make a recommendation.

·         Posing. Let’s face it, it can be unnerving the thought of a few hundred photos - all of you. Don’t sweat it, relax and listen to your photographers direction. We direct people every day to look their best in shots.

·          Don’t forget to smile!  You just married the love of your life, you are about to party into the early hours of the morning with your friends and family and you look great - Cheeeese!!


How big should my Wedding Party be??

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke's tips on The Wedding Party!

How many groomsmen and bridesmaids do you actually need ? The answer is as many as you want! But is more always merrier?

·         Larger groups mean larger budget needed - more dresses , suits and hair-do’s  

·         Extra transport may also be required – gone are the days of utilizing the car boot!

·         Having said all that, your wedding should be all about fun and what’s more fun than hanging around with all your besties all day?

·         It’s a huge honour to be asked to be part of someone’s wedding party – warm fuzzies all round, spread the love!

·         Even numbers - Just because you have 3 groomsmen doesn't mean you need the exact equal number of bridesmaids - it’s your wedding, do it your way

·         My main advice is whether it is ten people or two people, pick the ones that support you and make you laugh, that’s how you have the best day and the best photos!

4 Wedding Speech Essential Tips!!

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares 4 easy tips to get you through the Wedding Speech.

Hello Brides and Grooms. We are gathered here today to….read my blog! Only messing! The wedding speeches can the most dreaded part of the day for both the guests and the couple but does it have to be?

As a wedding photographer it is one of my favourite parts of the day. The facial expressions vary widely and result in some of the most personable photographs from the day.  The thought of great photos isn’t going to calm the nervous but perhaps there are some tips that can help


I’ve photographed a few weddings lately were the speeches have taken place amidst the wedding guests, for example the steps of the venue with the family and friends gathered around or in the grounds of the venue. Once you take away the top table / class room like set up it does seem to take the pressure off a nervous couple.

Practice and bullet points

Its definitely worth having a run through your speech. It’s not often you have a room of people giving you your full attention. Short bullet points will insure you don’t forget the best parts and the important thank yous.


Remember everyone in the room you have handpicked to share your special day. You’re not in an interview or auditioning for a part in an movie. You are speaking to your new wife or husband and your family and friends.


My favourite...A little Dutch Courage does help. Just remember to keep a steady hand! Good luck!! :)

First 4 steps in your Wedding Planning

First 4 steps in your Wedding Planning

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke offers up 4 simple tips on getting your big Wedding Plans underway



 Sorry to take the romance out of it girls and guys but this will make many decisions easier for you! By knowing your Wedding Budget it will makes things a lot clearer. A small budget wedding doesn’t mean a "downsized wedding" so to speak in face as a Wedding Photograspher some of the most beautful Weddings I have shot have been smaller, simplied and stripped back. This approach lends itself towards a beautifully initmate day. There are many venues willing to negotiate on price mid week and thats only the beginning.  Have a look at your savings accounts , do a rough plan of how much you could save over a year or so and also how much you are willing to spend on your big day.
From Christmas to Valentines is peak engagement session.  You are still getting used to your sparkly new ring and already getting fed up with the same old questions. "Have you set the date"?  "Have you looked at venues"?
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the excitement, however stick to the below 4 steps to planning the day and they will help you on the way

Guest List

A quick role call will highlight the size of venue you will need for your big day. Check with both sets of parents to ensure you are a wear of any requests for neighbours and old family friends to attend. These requests can and will add up. Be willing to compromise - both you and your fiancé. For example do work colleagues need to bring dates? Will "first-cousins-only" be making the cut?

Now you have a rough idea of the guest list and budget.This info will be help you eliminate unsuitable venues pretty lively .This will also highlight the venues that suit your needs. I would make my day as Bride and Groom as easy as possible. Less travel between locations will ensure more time for photos and more time chilling out with guests. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the venue, if you don’t want to use their table cloths can they reduce the corkage fee?  
When is the venue available? Do you have wedding guests that will have to travel from over seas? Are any dates sentimental to you and your partner? The date you both chose can influence the style of your wedding and your dress! 

Go forth and plan!

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5 “MUST DO EARLY” tips for Planning your 2017 Wedding

5 “MUST DO EARLY” tips for Planning your 2017 Wedding

Planning your Wedding is a huge job there is no denying it. It’s also an exciting mission meeting many different experts in the Wedding industry from florists and car hire to wedding photographers and venues it can be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though – remember to keep it simple, follow your heart and do your research.

Here are 5 tips that will help you plan your Wedding this year and give you things to think about. If you are 10-12 months away from your Wedding date these are the things you need to organise and get lined up and booked as options will become slimmer the later you leave booking the big stuff!


Don’t leave this long at all. You probably already have an idea as to the surroundings and Wedding style you are after from seeing pictures online, attending Weddings and hearing stories from your married friends. Meet venue owners, work out your budget, number of guests and get it booked! If you don’t your date may be booked and you will have to look elsewhere – get in early on this booking!

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There are some amazing make-up artists in Cork and Kerry and throughout Ireland and they are in high demand when it comes to Weddings. Often the Make Up artist is one of the first people to be booked for the Wedding so it’s important to get in quick in order to get the artist you are after! Don’t delay here.


Now here is a topic I know about! Once again there is a group of very talented Photographers in Cork and Kerry and we are always receiving inquiries for dates and meeting with brides and grooms to share information, offer advice and show albums that are available. Good Wedding Photography is absolutely crucial as the photos you receive will be your memories for life. To get first dibs on your favourite Wedding Photographer get in quick as spaces get booked at least a year in advance usually and you don’t want to be left disappointed with your Uncle and an old pocket camera taking blurry images of your special day!!

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I would recommend getting in a year before and then holding off for any adjustments until a few months before the Wedding as to give you time to get in shape or whatever it is you may want to achieve. Having said that shopping around is important to get a feel for what style you are looking for. There are so many options - the only way is to get organised and shop around nice and early so there is no last minute rush.

Good luck with your planning and if I can help in any way get in touch on 0851227243 or check out my website on for more handy tips!

Merry Xmas 2016 Brides & Grooms & Thank You!!

Here are some of the best Weddings of the year! Its been an amazing year for me and it's all thanks to you beautiful guys & gals for choosing me as your Wedding Photographer. I have had a blast working with you all and the experiences have been, fast, fabulous & full of fun and I cannot wait to do it all again next year! May you enjoy your first married Christmas together and many many more to come - Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xxoo Sean Clarke Photography   

Cork City Street Wedding Photography is a Winner!

Getting married in Cork City? Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares some tips on places to go to get a variety of Streetscape or Urban style Wedding Photographs.

Sometimes couples get married right here in the City of Cork or any City in Ireland for that matter, as opposed to a Country side or sea side venue. This calls for some thinking outside of the box and getting creative. Rather than the classic beautiful Wedding shots that are taken at the seaside or on a beautiful hilltop or in a wide open field I am a big fan of streetscapes. I incorporate old buildings, doorways and pubs and even the street itself wherever I can in my Wedding Photography. This adds a certain fun flavour to your Wedding photos and can spice them up a bit!

I always try to capture some beautiful “nature style” shots with trees in a park which can be found in most cities too but don’t neglect the atmosphere of the street and especially in Cork or Kerry Weddings where there are old buildings, pubs and landmarks a plenty.

I have done City Church Weddings where we have headed out for a simple walk through Cork City to capture some great colourful shots using spray-painted walls with graffiti and also some of the small parks in Cork City. Not to mention some of the older spots in Cork like the street s in the Shandon area. I love the urban city landscape and am always keen to take my Brides and Grooms on a short walk to get some of those photos.

Remember get creative and think outside the box if you want your Wedding Photos to have that something a little different!

Blog by Sean Clarke Photography

Black and white Wedding Photography

As a Cork & Kerry Wedding Photographer I love working with vibrant colours to capture the spirit and emotion of your Wedding day. Brides and grooms who have worked with me and know my work know how much I love colourful photography. I also love black and white photography and use a mixture of both when I deliver your wedding photos.

Black and white Wedding Photography is a very powerful way of telling a story. A lot of the morning and casual shots that you don't notice throughout the day can be very strong in black and white. As well as this beautiful big portraits look lovely on your walls like pieces of art - there is just something very special and striking about the black and white medium.

Cork Wedding Photographers


When I am photographing the bride in the morning as she is getting ready and is surrounded by her family, this is a very important part of the day for me. It is important to blend into the morning without fuss to capture natural moments and the mood of the day. This is documentary style Wedding Photography and requires a certain approach. If I was to be the center of attention and stage these moments, getting people to “act up” for the camera these pictures would not have the same relaxed story-telling aspect. When these images are then treated in black and white they become very special photographs and can tell a story in one image. This is generally my mission when photographing the natural surroundings and emotions of a wedding day.

Black and white wedding photography

Mixing strong black and whites with beautiful colour shots is what I like to do and when you put the collection together it builds a beautiful and honest story of your day and looks amazing in your Wedding album!

How to prepare for the photographs on your wedding day

Sean Clarke is one of the finest Cork Wedding Photographers and shares some of his tips on preparing for the photo shoot on your big day. Here are 5 tips that will help you prepare:

1.       Have a small make-up bag handy for those all-important touch ups. In my time as a Wedding Photographer I have noticed many brides delegate this job to their Chiefs Bridesmaid to take care of the whereabouts of this bag on the day. An excellent tip that will free you up to just enjoy the moment.

2.       Always speak to your Photographer about any concerns you may have prior to the day. Remember as an experienced Wedding Photographer I have been in many different situations with rain, wind and yes – too much sun! I will be able to help put your mind at ease with any concerns about the photos as I have come across many scenarios and have many solutions – just ask – that’s what I’m here for

3.       Share your creative vision with me as often I can work with you to achieve great results and am open to discussing your ideas. I will always an abundance of ideas and creative wedding photography shots in mind but am very open to suggestions always. I can also advise of things I feel will not work for whatever reason so it is worth openly sharing ideas with me.

4.       Keep it simple when it comes to location. Often Wedding photos are planned offsite at a beautiful park or place, sometimes some great street shots in the city happen or at Castles. Either way - don’t forget the layout of your day and the fact that travel time and group organisation must be considered. The more simple the day – the more you will actually get out of it including wedding photography. I plan the day with you and will be able to help you make the right choices anyway.

5.       Relax and enjoy yourself – this is my main tip with any piece of advice – it’s your Wedding and it’s so important that you enjoy your day. As planning a Wedding is such a huge part of what I do – it is often easy to piece together a day that is both relaxed and allows you to have your photographs in an idealistic setting but most importantly think of yourself and what makes you happy. The happier you are the happier your photographs will be! 

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