Kinsale Hotel & Spa

As a Wedding Photographer in Cork, I love photographing Weddings in Kinsale.

It is one of my favourite spots as a Wedding Photographer in Cork full stop! I even had my Stag in Kinsale, so I have very fond memories.

When Jean & Tomas asked me to Photograph their Wedding in Kinsale I was delighted. I am always excited to photograph Weddings in Kinsale.

There are so many places to take great iconic photographs, and all can be done in a timely fashion leaving you plenty of time with your Wedding guests.

When they told me the wedding venue in Cork was Kinsale Hotel & Spa I knew we were in for a special day. 

Bride and Groom at Kinsale Hotel & Spa Wedding

Ideal location for Wedding Photos

The grounds at Kinsale Hotel and Spa are ideal location for Wedding Photos they are well maintained and provide a perfect background for small intimate Couple shots and Family and group shots alike. You cannot go wrong surrounded by 90 acres of mature wooded parkland with panoramic views.

There are beautiful views of the Kinsale Harbour and all can taken in on the lovely decking area while you enjoy a drink with your guests and over look the sea and Hotel grounds.

The staff at Kinsale Hotel & Spa will take great care of you and your guests on your Wedding Day. They are always helpful, polite and go to great lengths to ensure the bride and groom are well looked after.

Cork Brides Wedding Dress
Irish Bride Wedding Preperations

Wedding Venues in Cork

One of the perks of being a Wedding Photographer in Cork staying late to capture the speeches and first dance is that I get to enjoy the delicious food as well! You know what they say, “Happy Wedding Photographer – Amazing Wedding Photos”. Kinsale Hotel and Spa provide a beautiful dining experience.

Wedding venues in Kinsale are so lucky as they have the surrounding township and the harbour of Kinsale as well as The Head of Kinsale and other hot spots surrounding the area for amazing Wedding photos.

This is one of the reasons it is one of my favorite places for Wedding photography. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning your wedding day

Kinsale Hotel & Spa Wedding
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Kinsale Harbour

Kinsale is such a lovely township I usually try and get a few photos around on the day as it is jam packed with colourful walls, doorways and streets that are begging for a bride and groom to be photographed. It is also fun to walk around the town and get a breath of fresh after your Ceremony and get some fun shots.

Irish Bride in Wedding Dress in Kinsale
Kinsale Wedding Bride with her Flowers

Cork Wedding Photographer

There are great bars in Kinsale also so if you fancy a quick pint photo op that can also be arranged. It is a great excuse to relax with your new Bride or Groom and enjoy a drink and think back about the Wedding Ceremony and get five minutes alone. While this happens, I will capture a few quiet moments with my camera.

The sea views are stunning, and the Harbour is so picturesque it is no hassle to mix in some lovely seaside photos into your wedding photo collection.  

One of the Best Wedding Venues in Cork

We were so lucky on this day with Jean and Tomas as the sun was shining and the house was buzzing with family and kids in the morning so there was plenty going on. This gives me great opportunities for some amazing documentary style photographs. Jean the Bride and her family could carry on getting ready while I worked away in the background discreetly photographing what was going on around me. It is a relaxed part of the day for Wedding Photography.

This is always one of my favourite times of the Wedding Day as everybody Is excited, nervous, and happy for the day ahead.